Thursday, April 03, 2014

Thursday Things

First off, I must say I am truly happy for finding Katie Gagliano over at Healthy Diva Life. She is truly inspiring and as I read through some of her posts, I realize we have so much in common. We both have 9 month old boys and we both want to live a healthy & happy lifestyle. Her post today talked about letting go. Letting go of the negativity, stress, and unhappiness. I find that I am definitely over thinking things lately. I often think negatively when I should be thinking more positively. When I take a second to STOP and look at my life, I have so many things to be grateful for. There is no reason for the negative thoughts, stress or unhappiness.

I took Katie’s advice and I took 5 minutes to just sit in complete silence.

I was able to clear my mind, breathe and find peace.

There is something truly magical about being still.

I realized some of my thoughts are a waste. They are simply ‘noise.’ I definitely needed this today. Thank you Katie!

Some other happy things for Tuesday:

Chas took his first selfie! He is way too cute, I could EAT him up!


We celebrated our niece Molly’s 2nd birthday! It is incredible to think she was a mere 2lbs. 1oz. when born! She has come such a long way. We are so proud of her. Chas looks up to her cousin so much. She is such a smart, adorable, beautiful little girl. We love her so much! XOXO


And this stuff is amazing! Lakewood’s organic pineapple juice. I’ve been using this to make my Morning Bombshell’s. That recipe is from the Tone it up Meal plan that you can get here.

I purchased the meal plan and officially became a member in February!! I am so excited and have not even begun to put a dent in the recipes. I plan on getting more organized with my weekly meal plan and start experimenting with some of their recipes. I wanted to start with their 7 day slim down but have to wait until we do groceries again.

And next was definitely a very happy moment of the day…


I was finally able to take Chas & Boots for a walk. We have been receiving a ridiculous amount of snow here in the Maritimes even though it is supposedly spring. We have definitely been going a bit stir crazy, that’s for sure. I love being able to get out for a walk every single day when I can. It’s nice to be able to get out, enjoy the sunshine and get some exercise - not only for myself but for the dog as well!

Someone enjoyed it so much, they fell asleep ; ) …


He’s such a little cutie. I just love my little man to pieces. Shades are from H&M!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday! … and don’t forget, take the time to just be still & find happiness!

Sheila xo

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Moms night out!

Friday night I had the opportunity to help one of my mom friends. She owns Bella Promessa Bridal Boutique here in Moncton and needed a couple of models for a bridal show. She asked myself and another mom if we’d be interested. Of course, we said yes! There’s nothing better than playing dress up (especially with gorgeous wedding gowns) and I am always looking for excuses for a little time out of the house.

This all went down at the Wesleyan Church yesterday! We started off by getting our makeup done around 3:00 p.m. by the amazing ladies of Bastarache Beauty. Ryan was not home from school yet so I brought little CJ along for the makeup session. Jessie (the owner of Bella Promessa) had her hands full with a couple babies while we got dolled up. Here is a picture of Andrea and I and our amazing makeup.


I just love getting my makeup done and I must say, it was well done! I would definitely recommend Bastarache Beauty to family & friends!! After makeup, we hurried home to finish hair and last minute details. Rushed back to the church for 5:30 and the fun began. We had 3 gown changes throughout the evening and the last gown was my all-time favorite! It just fit so perfectly.

This gown makes me want to get married all over again just so that I can wear it! I guess there’s always our 10-year anniversary celebration, right?! ; )

Sheila Siggy


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