Friday, October 07, 2011

Thanksgiving already !?!

I cannot believe that it is ALREADY October 7th!!!. It feels like it was the first day of school just last week. The year is flying by and every year it seems to go by faster & faster.

My class this year is absolutely amazing. They work extremely hard, very quietly, and easily follow directions. There have been moments when they are working in the classroom that have been complete silence and it is at this time that I feel like crying tears of joy ... Simply because the last two years of my teaching career have been two of the most challenging of my entire life.

There were times specifically last year when I found myself second guessing my career choice. The fact that I was studying my master's degree along with planning a wedding probably didn't help matters either. With a month already under our belt in the 2011-2012 school year, I know that this class will achieve great things. I tell them on a daily basis how good they are being and they have stated how great I am which makes me feel so good.

In terms of organization, I am still not where I want to be. I have definitely come a long way though and have felt more organized than ever. However, there are still some areas that I would like to be even more organized with in terms of projects being done in the classroom, assessment as well as differentiation during math classes.

As I ponder the thought of organization a very important question pops into mind ... Is it possible for a teacher to ever feel completely organized ?! I am not sure that this is possible. Things are constantly being thrown at us on a daily basis and it is difficult to stay totally on top of everything 24/7. We are told to do the best that we can and that we will be enough ... What do you think? Can teachers ever be completely organized?

Found a good link that gives 6 tips on how to be an organized teacher:

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