Sunday, September 30, 2012

*Bridal Gown for Sale*

One of the most difficult decisions I have ever had to make has been …

whether to sell my bridal gown OR not!

After a lot of thinking, I have decided to go ahead and sell my gown.

A part of me would like to put it in a sealed box and keep it forever …

but another part of me would like to see someone else enjoy it as much as I have for a day.

So, I have put up my gown on but have NOT HAVE ONE SINGLE PERSON try and contact me.

So .. BLOGGERS – I NEED YOUR help & advice.

Is it worth putting money towards placing the ad in the top ads?
Do you have any other suggestions that might help me get some response?-

Visit my kijiji ad here!

and here is a picture of my gorgeous
Maggie Sottero – Fiorella gown …


Any suggestions would be gladly welcomed! Thank you : )

Sheila xox

1 comment:

Mrs. Kee said...

Your gown is so beautiful! I'm surprised you haven't had any interest!! I know nothing about selling wedding gowns but I wish you the best of luck!!


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