Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rugby Family Secret Santa 2011!

Oh … & the tradition lives on … Every Christmas (or just about), I get together with a few of my really close rugby girl friends to have a Secret Santa Gift Exchange. Some years we have included a sleepover while a potluck is ALWAYS a MUST!

This year it seemed to be very crazy to try and plan for an evening where everybody would be able to attend. Two of the gals live a distance away which makes it hard for them to come. We were able to plan it for a week-night even though in the end those two ladies were not able to come (one of them at the last minute due to a death in the family – I’m still thinking & praying for your fam MB).

We went ahead and had our potluck/gift exchange a couple nights ago & it was tons of fun. It is always nice to get together with these ladies especially for the holidays. Here are some pictures from our amazing night together…

This is Channy (my BFF & MOH. I get to be her MOH next summer!!!!!) .. & her famous apple cider.


One of my FB status updates had been how Cheese balls are my favorite thing at Christmas time & my friend Kimmy had surprised me with a Cheese ball mix!! I accidentally forgot it at her place but can’t wait to try it when I get it back.


Channy texting away. I’m not sure if this is when she found out that her fiancé Kevin had a ginormous gift waiting for her at their condo. Channy isn’t the best with surprises … she is fine if it’s a surprise that is given to her on the spot but if she has to wait, it’s a killer!


This is my friend Jen. She is the proud mama of a beautiful little girl and twin boys. She is definitely happy to be out & about this fine evening. Socializing isn’t something she can do often so when it happens, she enjoys to the max (just watch her mad ‘Just Dance 3’ moves later in the post …



Meet Kitty. Innocent, yet not so innocent.


Check out my best friend’s mad wrapping skills below. This year’s theme was singed paper! I’m totally pinning this to pinterest for sure.


This was for one of my friend’s that could not attend. Not by choice might I add. We missed you MB! xoxox


Check out my friend Kim’s amazing tree topper. She thought the beads didn’t look so great around the tree and had no topper. Problem solved.

To the right, a Christmas present from Kathy! Thank you : )

                   IMG_0225     IMG_0226

My friend Sylvie coming in from a storm?! HAHA. No, she actually lives close by to my friend Kim & just walked over.


Kimmy posin’ up a storm!


The introduction of the hat! Kim was showing us some of her products from her new hobby & Sylvie absolutely loved this hat that Kim made. She loved it so much Kim gave it to her! She’s just cute as a button wearing it!


Her current project …


Grrrrr …. lol


Let the games begin!










IMG_0279                                IMG_0280


Cleavage shot for my bestie (who thinks she has no boobs) ! ; )


Gift opening begins. Chantel was obviously first. She couldn’t contain her excitement. Kim got her a beautiful belt from Danier. It was so ‘Channy’. (I forgot to add that everyone had to wear the hat while opening gifts which was hilarious)


Kim got a charm from me : ) Santa better bring her a charm bracelet!


Jen had Sylvie and got her a bottle of wine, stem-less wine glasses & a beautiful scarf.


Sylvie got Jen a key holder. Well, two of them. She got to choose her favorite. Very tough decision.


Oh and she also got a wine stopper. A bunny wine stopper. Jen admires and gazes at her new best friend.


Jen, were you a prankster in elementary school?


I love these ladies!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sheila xox

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