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Ring Bling Linkup!


Linking up with Happiness is

This link-up was such a wonderful idea.

It came at a particular good time for C Mae over at Happiness is,
considering she just recently got engaged
(congratulations you lucky girl, so happy for you!!)

When I saw C Mae’s link-up idea, I immediately thought this would be an excellent way for me to get my blog out there to others. I am still in the process of getting into the routine of writing often but it is so hard when you think no one is even reading them … I know what you are all thinking:

‘Boo hoo … Cry me a river!’ I know…

I really should stop feeling sorry for myself. I know that it takes a while to gain more readers & followers. One must be patient & stay positive! …What better way to spread some blog love by linking up with other wonderful bloggies.

If I were a more experienced blogger …
this is when I would re-direct you to my ‘engagement story’
but I didn’t get around to writing one yet.
So what better time than now
! ….
Here goes:


My proposal was an amazing surprise! ...

I had no idea my husband was going to propose ..
it was a total shock (a ridiculously good one at that)!

It was the 2nd of October (2010) as I woke up that Saturday morning for my first university class for my Masters in Education. Later that day, my hubby (boyfriend at the time ..hehe), had asked me to attend a football high school staff lunch-in with their significant others. I, of course, said yes.
I asked him that morning while I was getting ready what the dress code was and he said casual
(as he was trying not to give anything away) ..

I left for class and Ryan dropped me off at the university so that he could pick me up afterwards, that way we would only have one car. He picked me up at noon. The lunch-in was only starting around 2pm, so we had some time to kill.

We decided to go for a wine tasting at Magnetic Hill Wineries in Moncton, NB
and then later went to the Zoo to feed the ducks and check out some of gift shops
(which was hilarious because it was definitely after-season
& the shops were totally empty).

The afternoon had turned out so nicely.
I commented as to how the little 'date' afternoon turned out to
so lovely & was totally unexpected.

Finally, we arrived at the lunch-in which hubby had planned/booked (for his high school football staff) at the B&B we always go to for all our family suppers/gatherings for special occasions or holidays. We were the first ones to arrive
(which I didn’t even think was odd)
but the chef told us she was busy in the kitchen getting things prepared
and that we should just make ourselves at home until the others arrived.

Acting as though he had some time to kill, Ryan went upstairs to check out the bedrooms (which I have already seen numerous times). All of a sudden, he yelled out to me and told me I should come up stairs to 'Check something out'. I had no idea what he possibly could be showing me as I have already seen the bedrooms.
Little did I know that this was waiting for me ….

I walked in the room and there he was standing with the ring, flowers on the bed, a card on the night stand and champagne bottle as well. I was THRILLED! I was so shocked and so excited .. as tears of joy ran down my face. I asked him if he was serious (ha ha) and he of course said 'yes'! .. He finally gained enough courage to actually asked me to marry him and we enjoyed a glass of champagne before heading home.

On the drive home, he mentioned we had to change because we were getting professional pictures taken with a friend of his to capture the moment. After the photo shoot, my parents had a private dinner planned for us and my family.

We finally arrived home, and to my surprise all our family & friends were waiting for us there for a Surprise Potluck/Engagement Party for me/us
- all planned by my amazing husband.

It was the most perfect day ever!!! One that I will never forget… 

My ring:

is a Round Brilliant 1.2 carat diamond
I have a white gold band.


We were engaged for 10 months & got married on
August 13th, 2011 in Moncton, N.B.

See below …

My poor husband had a difficult time putting my band because I was SO warm and my fingers were a tad bit swollen. It was a very HOT summer day! We couldn’t help but laugh … such a funny moment.

(A shout-out to my amazing photographers TFL Studios!)

Et Voilà, my amazing engagement ring paired with my lovely wedding band. Love them. They are with me at all times, I never take them off!


Link up with Happiness is
and show off your ring bling!

Sheila xox


Mrs. Kee said...

What a sweet proposal!!! And I love the picture of you and your hubs laughing at the altar. Your ring is so pretty!

P.S. Kee women rock!!

Kit said...

What a sweet story and your ring is stunning!!!

CMae said...

At least you laughed about it rather than freak out that he couldn't get it on lol I'd probably freak!! Thank you so much for taking the time to link up and share your bling with not only be but all those fellow bloggers out there!

Kim Luke said...

Beautiful ring! and tell your hubs good job on the proposal and planning!!

Recently Roached said...

Such a sweet way to do it! I love proposals stories :) Also love your ring! :) Hooray for us newlyweds!!

Megan said...

Totally gorgeous! I love the proposal story...so sweet!! Y'all got engaged the day that we got married! I love it!!

star said...

Love the ring, so beautiful! What a sweet proposal story!

Kathryn Elise said...

Beautiful ring and story!

Love your blog :) I'm now a follower!

meghan said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!! Your story is so sweet! How thoughtful for your husband to have put so much thought into it! Such a great story to remember always.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

What a beautiful post :) Happy I found you through the link up! So fun!

Jess said...

What a beautiful memory for you and your husband! He did a brilliant job. :)


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