Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Sometimes & Always #1

This is my first ‘Sometimes & Always’ post …
& I’m linking up with Megan from Mackey Madness!

Sometimes: I feel like working out…

Always: I can’t pass up an opportunity to add a little cheese to my dinners.

Sometimes: I attempt to make supper
(I wish this was more in the ‘always’ department as I’m sure my husband would as well lol)

Always: Walk my sweet, loveable Boots everyday!

Sometimes: Feel organized as school.
I am totally organized this week (only took me all weekend to do so) & I hope it stays this way!

Always: Love when people read my blog. I still feel like a newbie so whenever I get comments or a new follower, I jump for joy! : )

& Lastly … Sometimes: My most challenging students surprise me in showing me the most love.

This totally made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes & Always

Sheila xox


Shellsea said...

That is a really cute last picture! It made me miss teaching just a little.

The Morrows said...

I like that you put pics with your Sometimes, Always!
Found your blog from Macky Madness- I'm following!

stefanie said...

i found your blog from the sometimes & always link up as well! i love new readers & followers!


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