Thursday, February 02, 2012

Tag 11 / 11 Facts!

Eleven did you know facts about Sheila

1. Sheila

is my first name. My name was almost Moira … my mother changed her mind and decided to go with Sheila. I like it because it’s not very common.

2. Sleep

The only way I can fall asleep is on my back… Unless I am completely exhausted.

3. Dawson’s Creek

I was totally obsessed with this show while growing up. I always wished I had a friend like Dawson that lived close by whom I could go visit by climbing into their window.

4. Cell phone

I wish I could say I rarely use it… but lately I have also been majorly addicted to my cell phone. Apps that I have discovered lately are: Path, Google+1, & Foursquare. And of course, the ones that I use more consistently: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram.

5. Australia

I’ve been twice. Once for 8 months, when I was 18 & 19 years old & the second time to do my teaching internship. The second trip is when I started dating my husband. It was so much fun to begin our relationship by going on dates in Melbourne, Australia.

6. Rugby

I’ve been playing since I was in grade 9. I learned while I was attending the private school Notre Dame in Wilcox, Sk. Most people wouldn’t peg me as a rugby player because I come off as a little girly I guess you could say with my nails always done & my hair usually straightened. But I am the toughest standoff you’ll ever meet ;)

7. Photography

I am an aspiring photographer. Recently, I purchased my first Canon Rebel. Now, I just need to learn how to use it. I love snapping pictures. I am always the girl at the party with a camera in hand. I have taken thousands over my lifetime & need to get an external hard drive to back them up asap.

8. Teacher

I am a grade 5 intensive French teacher here in New Brunswick. I LOVE my job. This is my fourth year teaching and I absolutely love it. Would not change jobs for the world.

9. Boots

Boots’ is our extremely cute & lovable rescue dog. We rescued him from the SPCA almost 2 years ago. He is part Retriever, Rottweiler & Chow-Chow. Mostly Retriever though … His fur grows really long and we have to get his fur cut every once in a while.

10. Marathon

My dream is to run a marathon. I’ve attempted training a few times but never took it seriously. I often have difficulty trying to pace myself and take it slow. I try and run long distances before I am ready and then wonder why it hurts so much. Training for a marathon takes patience & much training over a long period of time. I will get there one day.

11. Husband

My husband and I were married August 2011. He is also a teacher which is perfect because when we get to share Snow Days off from school together. Yesterday, we spent the whole day in our pj’s watching movies cuddled up with Boots. It was heaven.


With that being said … I am tagging 10 of my followers (Thank you so much for following me) & 1 of my favorite blogs in this post.
TAG – You are it.
Write 11 facts about yourself. I won’t be offended if you don’t play.

I also wanted to give credit to C Mae over at Happiness is … I got the idea from her 11 11 11 facts tag post (so she doesn’t have to do it obviously).

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Please read these blogs … they are all fantastic!


Sheila xox


Casey said...

Hello! Thank you so much for tagging me - I actually did this fun post last week here:

Can you do me a teeny tiny favor? Would you mind taking my last name off this post? I know it's out there, but I try not to make it TOO out there :)

Thank you!!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

FUnny, because I cannot fall asleep on my back! Great getting to know you!

XO. Britt

Megan said...

How cool that y'all are both teachers!! Snow days together would be SO much fun!!

Thanks for tagging me!!

Hanna said...

SHeila, YOu ar elovely and so is your blog!!! Thank you for visitng me and for adddingmy button to your side bar. Truly grateful!!! I am your newest follower!!! SO nice to meet you friend

xoxoxoox Hanna

Mrs. Pedersen said...

What a fun post! I love Google+ and Instagram, too. So much fun. :)


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