Monday, April 09, 2012


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Following the proposal x.O.x, this blog was created
to document our whole wedding planning process.
Since I did not get around to actually blog much about it
(because I was too busy actually planning, of course),
this blog has grown more into a creative outlet
where I can share things that happen in our lives & the things that I love : )

As soon as I met Ryan, my life had changed in the utmost positive way!

We live such an amazing life together,
we always make sure to laugh every single day
(even at things that others would not find funny)
& we love each other deeply!
So of course, everyday one should live, laugh, love & read my blog! 
Sheila Johnston
What can I tell you about myself? Let’s see. I am a sister, daughter, aunt, wife and now momma-to-be. I come from a family of 4, whom I love very much. I am from, grew up & am still living on the East Coast of Canada - although have spent time going to school in Western Canada & spent a year in Australia (fruit picking). I am easy-going, social, have an intense love of cheese (any type except blue cheese, yuck!) & love pizza. I enjoy reading, movies, the beach, basketball, rugby, running & hot yoga. I could, and have, eaten a box of Kraft Dinner every single day for a straight week. I love the new vegetable noodle kind (healthier too). I am a teacher. I have been teaching grade 5 for 4 years now and absolutely love it (most days). I have a passion for educating & inspiring youth as well as learning new things.

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MzJessicaxo said...

I love this! So happy you found me on link-up, now I can follow a fellow Canadian! You and Ryan are adorable :)

xxx Jessica


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