Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Dinner

This year my husband and I decided to host my family for Easter supper. Originally, we were supposed to go to visit my husband’s parents but with our the sudden birth of our new baby girl niece (2 months early), they were forced to drive immediately to meet their new granddaughter.

My parents had planned to arrive on the weekend from their trip to Florida. We were very excited to cook our very first TURKEY DINNER! I, of course, was extremely nervous. Luckily, my husband is absolutely amazing! He made the entire meal and taught me along the way. So next time, it is so my turn! : )

Here just a couple shots from the evening…


Some of the goods …


Mmmmmmm TURKEY!



My ridiculous husband can always make me smile. HA.



Boots {sportin’ a fresh haircut} posing for the camera! xOx



My brother and his lovely fiancé!




A shot of my Dad!




My amazing parents. Love this shot of them!


& of course, hubby & I forgot to get one of the two of us.
Oh well, next time when we aren’t busy hosting!


Hope you all had a lovely Easter this year!
I know we are extremely blessed in so many ways.


Sheila xox

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