Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes & Always Linkup

Sometimes: I wonder how a baby that weighs 2lbs1oz can be so feisty!

(Our lovely tiny niece, Molly!<3)

Always: Hubby & I will love Molly!!!!!!!

Sometimes: I wonder why it’s so hard to think “Eat Healthy”

Always: seem to find my way to the fridge to eat some cheese. Oopsies!

Sometimes: I think that our lovely SPCA-rescue dog Boots,
could totally use a new little friend from the SPCA …

(Meet Pearl, ain’t she just the cutest little thing. Almost looks kinda like our Boots-ey)

Always: I am reminded by my husband that we are able to handle 1 dog quite comfortably right now but a second will be more money $ & more walking … etc.
He always enjoys jolting me back to reality!


Link up with the lovely Megan & her post “Sometimes & Always”


Sheila xox

1 comment:

Miss Riss said...

I love the name "Boots" for a dog! So cute!! And I totally hear ya on the "eat healthy" notion...just the idea makes me want to eat some sugar!! ...New follower here, found your blog on the link up! =)


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