Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kacie’s Huge Mistake

Thought I’d do a little recap from last night’s episode of

The Bachelor


First off, I was so confused. In the commercials leading up to last night’s episode, they made it look like Tierra was either pushed or was made to fall down the stairs …. when in reality she fell down by what seemed to be by accident. She was almost taken away by ambulance and then realized that she did not want to actually be taken away. It’s hard to say if she actually hurt herself or intended this to happen so that Sean would come running to her rescue. I’m always a bit naïve when it comes to people, so I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt and say it was by accident.

This made Sean late for his one-on-one date with AshLee (totally weird how the letter ‘L’ is capitalized in her name). And although AshLee should have been totally peeved, she is a totally down to earth type of girl and did not let this event ruin her date with Sean.



So here’s how the dates all played out:

Date #1: Lesley

I actually felt kind of bad for Lesley. There she was looking all fab in her cute little pink lacy dress (one of my best friend’s and I were totally wondering where we can buy this dress, love it that much) and Sean whisks her away to … the Guinness World Records museum in Hollywood? Say, what?


Turns out the big surprise is that they are there to set a record of their own: longest onscreen kiss!

I must say, Sean and Lesley did a pretty good job. Their kiss at times was passionate while after a while it was just their lips touching but who can blame them? 3.5 minutes is actually a long time to kiss.

They did enjoy a little rooftop champagne after they won their world record which kind of made up for the silly part of their date. I thought they really connected and Lesley wasn’t just throwing herself at Sean. When chatting, she didn’t make it seem like they were totally meant to be together, but that perhaps with time, they would find out. It’s the crazy ones that ‘know’ they are going to be with the Bachelor that you know don’t have a chance.

Date #2: Group Date

I absolutely HATE group dates. How awkward. This one started with a bit of a twist. They were asked to go play on the beach. Conveniently, all the ladies were wearing somewhat sporty two-pieces so you’d think they would kind of wonder what type of ‘playing’ they would actually be doing.


Low and behold, Harrison suddenly appeared and told them they would be split into two teams to play beach volleyball against one another. The winning team would get to continue the group date while the losing team would be sent packing. This game started off quite friendly and then picked up pace. I couldn’t believe how close the game actually was. It came right down to the wire. Blue team: won. Red team: lost. Red team was so bummed out that Kristy and Leslie were still crying when they got back to the mansion.

The blue team got to hang out with Sean at his temporary home. This when Kacie made a HUGE mistake. She decided to take it upon herself to tell Sean that Desiree and Amanda were at odds which made her felt as though she was caught between them. As soon as she started uttering these words to Sean, I thought to myself “Bye, bye Kacie!” She honestly lost Sean in this moment, big time! She even said herself, she doesn’t like to involve herself in the drama but here she is discussing it to the main person she is trying to win over. BIG MISTAKE!

Date #3: AshLee

After Tierra pretended to throw herself at Sean, AshLee and Sean sent out for their one-on-one. I actually missed part of their date but came back to tune into them having fun with two teens who were both suffering from serious diseases. I thought this was really touching and what better person to be on this date, than AshLee! She was so sweet and caring towards those two girls. Sean definitely caught a good glance as to what AshLee is really all about. Her past history also tugged on his heart strings. Go Girl!


The Rose Ceremony


Sean felt really bad for Sarah because they didn’t get to spend any time together all week so he had her dog, Leo, sent up for a visit. HOW SWEET! Honestly, for him to think about doing this for her shows he has some true feelings there. This also comes to a bit of a surprise because the fact that she has only one arm did raise concerns in terms of whether he would truly like her or feel somewhat forced to keep her on the show. But after seeing this thoughtful gesture, I think he’s got a crush for sure!

Kacie was sent packing before the roses were even handed out. CALLED IT!
I do feel bad for her though. I feel as though she did not approach the situation in the proper manner and she is very sweet. She just should have left the drama out of it.

Sean gave roses to Tierra, Leslie, Catherine, Daniella, Robyn, Selma, Sarah, Jackie, Amanda and Des.

Should be interesting to see what unfolds next week while they are staying in California again.


Sheila Siggy


Mrs. Kee said...

I really like Des so far, she's just so cute and she handled the practical joke really well. I also liked the way her date with Sean was super low key and they just seemed like they clicked together. I'm worried about next week and Tierra's manipulating self!

his little lady said...

Aww, I keep trying to watch this episode but it freezes after the girls are done playing volleyball. So sad that Kacie went home, I loved her. I didn't necessarily think that her and Sean had a connection though. I hope she comes back as her own Bachelorette but I doubt it now :(
xo TJ


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