Friday, January 06, 2012

Morning of our big day! (2)

Another picture post today & the continuation of our Love Story! Yesterday I posted all my favorite pictures of the preparations for all us gals (over at the hotel) the morning of our Wedding. Today, the men are featured with just a few pictures of them getting ready.

They had taken over our home and a few of them had slept there the night before to keep Ryan company while he was busy trying to finish up slide shows & last minute details. 

Below is Hubby putting on his tie : )


Ry’s cousin Chad fixing his tie …


Looks like someone needed a  bit of help with his tie!
His best friend Mark helped him tie a good one
as my brother Robbie looks on …


Making sure everything is all set …



I love the look on his face here below!
Someone is excited to see his future wife walk down the aisle!


… & the men are ready for the ceremony!


Sheila xox

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