Friday, January 06, 2012

Project 365–Week 1

I found another great linkup today of a project that I am actually already doing on my own: Photo Project 365
Basically a person takes a picture everyday for the entire year so that by the end of the y ear we have 365 photos (or in this year’s case 366). 

Electrically E has introduced a great linkup for this project. Today will be the first of my 52 link-ups for her Project 365 link-up for 2012. Another great linkup to get my blog out there to other readers. Every Friday, we will post our photos from the week (the weeks run Friday to Thursday) … so stay tuned for all my picture posts on Fridays. I should also note that these photos are all taken with my iPhone 3 – not the best quality but still does the trick.

January 1st: Boots xo


January 2nd: Our Extra Bathroom Add-on Reno “Before Picture”
(There’s A LOT of work to be done!)


January 3rd: Tuna melt = Yum.


January 4th: Breakfast of champions!


January 5th: Enjoying the new Christmas gift from the in-laws!


Happy weekend to you!

Sheila xox


My Beloved Life said...

I absolutely love this! One of my goals was to take a picture every day too! I may just have to participate.


Eclectically E said...

Yay!!! I am so glad you joined in :) i have very much so enjoyed catching up on your blog!

Great pictures! I am looking forward to looking at yours every week :) Thanks again for joining!!

Becca said...

love your shots :-) I am doing a project 365 too! I'm so excited about it!


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