Thursday, January 05, 2012

Morning of our big day!

 Today’s post is strictly a picture post. My last post was dedicated to our engagement story through a linkup so I thought I would continue with the theme of our Love Story. Here are all my favorite pictures of the morning of preparations before our Wedding Ceremony.

(Photos taken by: TFL Studios – see engagement picture post to find out about our amazing photogs)   

We were married on August 13th, 2011 on a beautiful (SUNNY!!!!) summer day. My husband basically took over our home with his groomsmen, so I decided that my maids and I would sleep at the hotel where we were going to be having our Reception. My mom booked the bridal suite, along with an adjoining room for my girls and I to sleep there the night before & to use that morning to get ready. The room had a large living room/area that was perfect to use the morning of. It was such a great setup!

My hubby (to-be at the time) had given his sister a special gift to give me the morning of. I had done the same and given it to my brother-in-law to give him the morning of as well. He got me 3 charms for my Pandora charm bracelet (given to me at my bridal shower by my lovely MOH and friend Sylvie). He got me my birth stone, a heart for our wedding day & a letter ‘J’ for my new last name. I was so excited & touched by his gift.

     DSC_8939     DSC_8949


My soon-to-be Sissy getting her her done … & getting my veil put on.
Michelle & Lisa did such a fabulous job doing our hair!  
Michelle worked miracles on my hair -
switching up hairstyles completely halfway through!!.

    DSC_9001      DSC_9010

My mom stopped by in the morning with Tim Horton’s coffee & breakfast.
She also stopped by later in the morning with tons of snacks.
She’s the best! x.O.x.


Steph sporting her NKOTB tank. Loves it!
She was feeling the same that I was for her wedding lol …


Special delivery!! …

From our amazing wedding planners at Design Studio & Co.


I had a tough time opening the box
& needed a little help from my MOH!!
(who was looking lovely as ever in her rollers)


I was thrilled with my beautiful bouquet and the maids’ bouquets.
DS&Co. did an absolute fantastic job!



Vicky Mina = amazing makeup artist.
She did the makeup at my cousin’s wedding
& I knew then that I NEEDED to book her for mine!


       DSC_9083                      DSC_9067


Finally time to put on my wedding gown …
Beyond EXCITED slash nervous!!!!





Love Love Love these girls:
Christa, Chantel (MOH), Lindsay (Hubby’s sister),
Stephanie (aka. lil’ sis) & Lynn


Last minute adjustments …



Ready to walk down the aisle!!!


Sheila xox


Mrs. Kee said...

Sheila, you look gorgeous!! I love your dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids dresses, everything!! Can't wait to see more!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

Lovely... you were most definitely a gorgeous bride, my dear! :)


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